How To Claim EOBI Pension? | Pension Claim Process

The Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) provides a pension to its members who have reached the age of 60 and have completed at least 10 years of service. The amount of pension is calculated on the basis of the member's average monthly wages and the number of years of service.


How To Claim EOBI Pension?
How To Claim EOBI Pension?

In this article, we’ll discuss all about pensions and how to claim your pension from EOBI. To get the pension case processed, you need to start it from your last employer to generate service length with an annual contribution to EOBI.


However, if you served in different organizations, just need to get a service certificate from those employers as well for better persuasion of the case without delaying the pension claim process.

EOBI Registration Process


Current EOBI Pension Amount:

The minimum pension is Rs. 8,500 and the maximum pension is Rs. 100,000. The pension is paid on a monthly basis.


Who is Eligible for an EOBI pension?

Only Pakistani citizens: The EOBI pension benefits are only applicable for Pakistan citizens who served in private sector organizations, total service should be more than 10 years or reach 60 years of age for male or 55 years of female employees.


Only Registered Employees with EOBI:

Make sure you have an EOBI registration card either manually written or online printed to attach with EOBI pension documents.


NADRA Evidence about Exact Age of 60 Years:

According to the NADRA record, your age should complete 60 years of age in CNIC. 2 attested photocopies of CNIC must attach with other pension documents.


Minimum Service Length Should Be 10 Years:

As per EOBI rules to apply for an EOBI pension your service should not be less than 10 years either in 1 organization or different organizations. 10 years of service is a must to be eligible for an EOBI pension.



Documents Needed To Process EOBI Pension:

If you are eligible for an EOBI pension, you can apply for it at your nearest EOBI office. You will need to submit the following documents:


A Copy of a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)

CINIC Card is a mandatory document to process an EOBI pension case, without CNIC you cannot submit a pension file, or even if your CNIC expired also not acceptable to EOBI, so make sure your CNIC card should be valid.


A Copy of Your EOBI Membership Card:

While you registered with EOBI, they provide a membership card for your record, so keep it safe and secure, your EOBI card will assist your pension with a valid length of service.


You should check the insured person's registration card PI-03 before submission to the EOBI office.


EOBI Registration No (000D01574)

Insured Person Name: ABC

Father/Husband Name: ABC

CNIC No: (00000-0000000-0)

Date of Registration: 01-01-1990

Date of Birth: 01-01-1970

Address: Employer postal Address/ Home Permanent Address

Issuing Authority’s Signatures


A Copy of Your Service Record:

Employer work experience certificates with true information i.e. your name, father's name, date of birth (as per CNIC car) date of appointment, or date of exit from service.


A Medical Certificate From a Government Doctor:

A medical certificate from a doctor is required but not mandatory for pension cases, to avoid any delay you must submit it accordingly.


A Last Month Salary Record/Pay slip:

The insured person should attach last month's salary sheet in the EOBI pension file to determine the actual minimum wages and EOBI calculates your pension according to the rules. 



EOBI will process your application and will notify you of the decision within 30 days. If your application is approved, you will start receiving your pension on the first of the month following the approval of your application.


EOBI pension is a valuable benefit that can help you to meet your financial needs in your old age. If you are eligible for an EOBI pension, I encourage you to apply for it.


EOBI Death Pension:

If an employee dies during the service and the employer paid his/her contribution for at least 3 years can be eligible for pension for the deceased family till the last boy reaches 25 years of age or the last girl's marriage. 


EOBI Grant:

EOBI is liable to pay a 1-time grant to the employer who served less than years’ service with an organization and paid regular EOBI contributions. 1-time grant is not a pension, and EOBI is not liable to pay more except only 1-time grant. 

EOBI Checking Process


How to log in with a Bank Alfalah Account?

Bank Al Falah offers its employees the best facilities. It is offering all the benefits of EOBI to its employees. If you are a Bank Al Falah employee then you can open an EOBI pension account. On that account, you can check your pension and other details. Your pension will be deposited directly into your bank account.


You can withdraw with the help of a Bank Alfalah debit card through any ATM. With the help of an employee identification number, you can log in to the Bank Alfalah pension account and check your balance.


Contact EOBI Support

If you have any questions or you need support with the login process, then you can contact EOBI support easily. You can call the Free Helpline 08000 EOBI (3624). The office hours are between 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM Monday to Friday. 

Feel free to call the support team and discuss any of your problems. If you are not receiving your pensions then you can file a complaint as well. 

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