How To Register With EOBI? Step By Step Guide

The Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) is a statutory, self-financing, social security institution established by the Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution Act, 1976. 

How To Register With EOBI?
How To Register With EOBI?

The main objective of EOBI is to provide financial assistance to its members in the form of old-age pensions, survivor pensions, and disability pensions.


EOBI is a contributory social security scheme. The employer and employee contribute 5% and 1% of the employee's basic wages, respectively, to EOBI. The contributions are used to pay pensions and other benefits to members.

How To Claim EOBI Pension?


EOBI Registration Process:

First I want to bring it to your notice that the individual person registration is not accepted by the EOBI, only employers who have more than 10 employees on their payroll can apply for the registration.


After an application for registration, the EOBI beat officer of your respective area will visit to examine the actual number of employees working there. The EOBI beat officer reviews the financials and will submit his/her recommendations to the regional head for further process.


If the regional head is satisfied with the given data, he/she will approve the application and allot new EBOI FS access.  After access to the EOBI home page, the employer can log in with its particular and register respective employees.


Now EOBI has restricted bulk employee registration and does not accept more than 3 months prior data, so employers must need to register existing or newcomers within 3 months time.


EOBI Facilitation System Home Page:

When you log in to the EOBI facilitation system home page, you will see the different types of functions.


What Particulars Need To Register Employees?

The employee should provide essential information including evidence proof to register with EOBI. The following information must need to process the registration.

What Is EOBI Pension Age?


Report Employee’s Details:

Click on the above to proceed with different kinds of functions i.e. submit online, submit via CSV file, or manually enter records.


Generate Voucher:

EOBI has recently introduced an online payment option through “Generate Voucher (PR03)” Employers can generate monthly employee contribution vouchers online and make payments accordingly. 

Employers should need to reconcile employee lists with their own HR data before payment.

Employee Section:

In the employee section, the employer can register new employees with true particulars via the “Register Employee” option. But there is another option also available to register employees in bulk via “Register Employees via file” 

This option is for bulk employees to register through an Excel CVS file.  Another important option also exists where an employer can edit the details of the respective employee and send a request card also.


Arrears Settlement:

The arrear settlement option is for the finance section to reconcile all paid or pay dues to the EOBI. Employers can check all contribution details through “Report IPs Against Demands”

User Management:

Employers can update the organization’s profile through the user management option. But it is recommended to not change/edit profiles that cause employer registration. 

Users can use this option to change passwords or set SMS alerts from EOBI news.  There are 2 more options i.e. “Manage Employer Rights or Sub-Code Registration” if the employer established a new branch or unit on other premises.


Employer Section:

In this section, employers can edit the organization’s details i.e. change address, contact numbers, relocation, and more.  Another useful option is to generate or register a new sub-code with a single click.

Employer Report:

In this section, the employer can check entry exit details of employees including voucher payment details or voucher generation details, or employees submission details.

Previous Vouchers:

In this section, the employer can retrieve old voucher data archives including previous voucher details can generate.



In this section, employers can submit complaints, and feedback about the online portal's performance. EOBI management provides this option to get feedback and suggestion from respective employers.

Bulk IPS Reporting:

Bulk IP reporting with sub-codes is a very important function of EOBI where employers can generate payment vouchers with different sub-codes.




Quick Info:

Last Employee’s Details


IPs Reported: No of Employee


"Last Voucher Generation”





Last Payment:





Outstanding Demands:

No. of Demands:

Total Amount


Things To Do:

Payment Voucher



Total Pensioners:


Old Age Grant:


Old Age Pension:


Account Info:

Change Password

Update Profile



Entry/Exit Details of Employees

Voucher Payment Details

Voucher Generation Details

Employees Submission Details


Valid CNIC card: computerized national identity card is a must need to be in front of you while processing online registration.

  1. Enter CNIC Number
  2. Enter Date of Birth
  3. Enter Religion
  4. Enter Marital Status
  5. Enter Disability if any
  6. Enter Present Address
  7. Enter Permanent Address 

How To Check EOBI Card By CNIC?


Frequently Ask Questions:

How To Login EOBI Portal?

After the employer’s registration with EOBI, the EOBI portal allow you to set user ID “FS355KDN” with a strong password.


How Much EOBI Pension?

In the current year 2023, EOBI paying approximately Rs. 8,500 per month to its pensioners, but the pension formula is also applicable i.e. current minimum wages with no of years’ service.


How Much Current Employer EOBI Contribution?

Federal Govt has increased the minimum wage to Rs. 25,000 per month to lower staff. According to the current minimum wages, the employer’s contribution is Rs. 1250 or the Employee's contribution is Rs. 250 Total of 1500 per month.



EOBI Registration Form Design:







Name (In Block Letters)

As shown in the CNIC


Gender                                (Male)                      (Female)

Handicap:                           (Yes)                         (No)

Nature of Disability           (Visual)                    (Hearing)                  (Speaking)        (Limbs)

Only if 2A is checked as yes         other


   Please specify

Father (F) Husband’s (H) Name:                                                                                                                (F)-(H)

                                                                                                                                                                (Please check one)

Date of Birth:                     Day        month                  Year

DOB in Words:

National Identity Card No: 000-00-000000

NADRA National Identity Card No: 00000-0000000-0

(Please attached Photocopy of both sides)


Family Code: 000000

Present Address:

Permanent Address:


Certification of Employer:

Employment of the above employee began on Day-Month-Year

Worker’s Thumb Impression

Date of the Applicability of the Scheme: Day-Month-Year

Worker’s Signature

National Identity Card Inspected and details shown on this form are certified correct.

Name of Establishment

Registration No: 000000000         Sub Code if any: 00000

Seal of the Establishment:                                                                           Signature of Employer






EOBI Registration Card No: 0000-00-00000


Contribution Card Issued                              Initial                                     Day-Month-Year

PI-03 Issued/Not Issued                                                                               Day-Month-Year

*attach a certificate from the provincial council for the rehabilitation of a disabled person


PE-01 Form Submission Process:

The employer must fill all particulars of the above forms according to the information he/she has in the official record. Keep in mind that, this is only a manual form submission process if the employer doesn’t have online access to the EOBI Facilitation System Portal.

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