What Are EOBI Eligibility Criteria?

The Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) is a statutory body established by the Employees Old-Age Benefits Act, of 1976. The purpose of EOBI is to provide social security to employees in the private sector by providing them with old-age pensions, survivor's pensions, and invalidity pensions. 

What Are EOBI Eligibility Criteria?
What Are EOBI Eligibility Criteria?


EOBI Eligibility Criteria:

EOBI is offering its pension and grant facilities to private sector employers or employees to pay their contribution to EOBI after the completion of the registration process. The EOBI eligibility criteria are not a hard task to get enrolled but you need to fulfill the basic requirements to get registered. 


The eligibility Criteria for EOBI Benefits Are As Follows:

The respective employee must be a Pakistani citizen and working in private sector organizations i.e. steel mills, state life insurance, large garment factories, or national or international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working in Pakistan.

EOBI Registration Through Facilitation System


The employee must be employed in an establishment that is covered by the EOBI Act. To get registered employees with EOBI, an employer must pursue the EOBI Act. 

According to the rules and regulations, employers must have a minimum of 10 employees on the payroll who can register with EOBI. Less than 10 employees’ organization is not eligible to register themselves.


The employee must have completed a minimum of 15 years of insurable employment. The employee must have reached the age of retirement, which is 60 years for men and 55 years for women.


The amount of pension that an employee receives will depend on the number of years of insurable employment and the average monthly salary during the last 36 months of insurable employment.


To apply for EOBI benefits, an employee must submit the following documents to the EOBI office:


A Completed Application Form:

A Copy of The Employee's National Identity Card:

A Copy of The Employee's Service Record:

A Medical Certificate From a Registered Doctor:



EOBI benefits are a valuable source of income for many retired employees in Pakistan. The eligibility criteria for EOBI benefits are designed to ensure that only those who are genuinely in need of assistance are eligible to receive benefits.


Additional Information about EOBI:

  • EOBI is funded by contributions from employers.
  • EOBI has a board of directors that is appointed by the government.
  • EOBI has a network of offices across Pakistan.
  • EOBI provides a range of other benefits, including survivor's pensions, invalidity pensions, and funeral grants.


Who is Eligible For EOBI?

This is mainly offered to all insured individuals after retirement if they have completed at least 15 years of insured service. The retirement age for men is 60, and for women, it is 55. Those in the mining profession must serve the mining industry for at least 10 years before retirement to apply for this pension.

EOBI Pension Age Female


EOBI Eligibility Check:

EOBI Verification Check Online:

Online verification of eligibility check is right now open for all employers where they can check their status without any issue. Online checking is quite easy and fast to get results from EOBI official portal. The following few steps will help a lot to reach the desired destination.

  1. Open your PC or use a smartphone and visit. 
  2. On the right sidebar of the website, you will find an option “Individual Information”.
  3. Now click on “Insured Person/Employee Details”.


EOBI Information:

EOBI helpline and Facilitation systems are on 24/7 to get updated information regarding any types of issues you face, EOBI helpline operates from Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 PM official time to approach relevant officials.


However, the EOBI facilitation system portal is also reachable to its customer to address the issue, but it takes some time to address the client’s complaints according to the EOBI ACT and it is taking some days to reply. 

Check EOBI Card Status With CNIC


Frequently Ask Questions:

What Are EOBI Eligibility Criteria?

EOBI accepts those above 18 years of age employees with valid proof of Pakistan citizenship.


Does EOBI Register an individual person?

EOBI does not entertain individual persons for registration, EOBI registration approves through employer registration.


How To Draw EOBI Pension?

EOBI has signed MoU with Bank Alfalah to facilitate pensioners through online banking.  Currently, almost 100% of pensioners get their pension through Alfalah Bank and pensioners can draw the amount from the given ATM card.


To collect pension through ATM, need to approach respective Alfalah bank branch for bio-metric. A complete bio-metric is necessary to process the EOBI pension.  

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