What Are The Benefits of Alfalah Platinum Card?

The Alfalah Platinum card, offered in both credit and debit variants, caters to individuals seeking premium banking privileges and flexibility. 

What Are The Benefits of Alfalah Platinum Card?



However, understanding the limits associated with this card is crucial for responsible spending and avoiding unwanted fees. 



Credit Card Limits:

These limits vary depending on the specific Alfalah Platinum credit card you hold. Some key limitations include:


Limit Type


Typical Range (PKR)

Credit Limit

The maximum amount you can spend and repay

50,000 - 500,000+

Daily Spending Limit

The maximum amount you can spend in a single day

25,000 - 250,000+

Cash Advance Limit

Maximum cash you can withdraw at ATMs or bank branches

Up to 50% of credit limit

International Transaction Limit

The maximum amount you can spend abroad in a single transaction

Up to credit limit



Debit Card Limits:

For Alfalah Platinum debit cards, the focus is on transaction limits rather than credit lines.


Limit Type


Typical Range (PKR)

Daily Purchase Limit

The maximum amount you can spend through POS transactions


Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit

Maximum cash you can withdraw from ATMs


Online Transfers (IBFT)

The maximum amount you can transfer online per day




Understanding the Table:

Credit limits vary significantly depending on factors like your income, credit history, and card type. Contact Bank Alfalah for a personalized estimate.

Daily spending limits can be higher for Platinum credit cards compared to debit cards. International transaction limits may involve additional fees, so check with Bank Alfalah before traveling abroad. 



Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I increase my credit limit on an Alfalah Platinum card?

Yes, you can request a credit limit increase by contacting Bank Alfalah. However, approval depends on your financial situation and creditworthiness.



What happens if I exceed my card limit?

Exceeding your credit limit will lead to late payment fees and potentially impact your credit score. For debit cards, exceeding transaction limits might result in declined transactions.



How can I check my remaining credit or available balance?

You can check your remaining credit or available balance through online banking, mobile app, or by contacting Bank Alfalah. 



Bank Alfalah Platinum Card Points:

Be mindful of the annual fees associated with Alfalah Platinum cards.

Consider opting for add-on services like travel insurance or purchase protection for extra benefits.



Track your spending regularly to avoid exceeding your limits and maintain good financial health.




By understanding the limits of your Alfalah Platinum card, you can optimize its benefits and manage your finances responsibly. Remember, spending within your limits is key to avoiding financial troubles and reaping the rewards of premium banking.

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