Bank Alfalah Asaan Account Withdrawal Limit

Bank Alfalah Asaan Account Withdrawal Limit
Bank Alfalah Asaan Account Withdrawal Limit

The withdrawal limit for Bank Alfalah Asaan Accounts depends on the specific type of Asaan account you have. Here's a breakdown:



Alfalah Asaan Savings Account:

Daily: PKR 25,000

Monthly: PKR 500,000 (total debit, including ATM withdrawals)

Alfalah Asaan Remittance Savings Account:



Daily: PKR 500,000

Monthly: PKR 500,000 (total debit, including ATM withdrawals)

Alfalah Asaan Current Account:



Daily: PKR 25,000

Monthly: PKR 500,000 (total debit, including ATM withdrawals) 



Alfalah Islamic Asaan Current Account:

Monthly: PKR 500,000 (total debit, including ATM withdrawals) 



Bank Alfalah Asaan Account Opening Requirements:

Bank Alfalah Asaan Accounts are quite popular in Pakistan due to their ease of opening and minimum documentation requirements. Here's what you'll need to open an Asaan Account:




CNIC (original and copy): This is the primary identification document required in Pakistan. Make sure both the original and photocopies are clear and legible.



Two passport-sized photographs: Recent photographs with a clear frontal view are preferred. 



Additional Requirements:

Minimum initial deposit: The minimum initial deposit amount varies depending on the account type you choose. For example, Asaan Savings Accounts require a minimum of PKR 100, while Asaan Current Accounts require a minimum of PKR 500. 



Completion of account opening form: The bank will provide you with an account opening form that you need to fill out with your personal information and desired account type.

Signature on account opening documents: Ensure you sign all the necessary documents carefully before submitting them. 



Bank Alfalah Asaan Account Opening Online:

Bank Alfalah offers a convenient online account opening process for their Asaan Accounts, allowing you to skip the branch visit and open your account from the comfort of your own home. Here's how: 



Choose your Asaan Account Type:

Bank Alfalah offers two main Asaan Account types:

Asaan Savings Account: Ideal for saving money and earning monthly profits. Requires a minimum initial deposit of PKR 100 and has a maximum credit balance limit of PKR 1 million. 



Bank Alfalah Asaan Account Minimum Balance:

Bank Alfalah Asaan Accounts do not have a minimum balance requirement in the traditional sense, they do have a minimum initial deposit requirement when opening the account. This is important to clarify: 



Minimum Initial Deposit:

Asaan Savings Account: PKR 100

Asaan Current Account: PKR 500 



Bank Alfalah Asaan Account Benefits:

Bank Alfalah Asaan Accounts come loaded with benefits, making them a popular choice for individuals and families in Pakistan. Here's a summary of the key advantages: 



Accessibility and Convenience:

Easy to open: Requires minimal documentation (CNIC and photograph) and can be opened online or at any Bank Alfalah branch.



No minimum balance requirement: Maintain your account without worrying about falling below a certain threshold.



Multiple access points: Enjoy online banking, mobile banking (Alfa app), ATM withdrawals, and branch services. 




Free e-statements and SMS alerts: Track your account activity without incurring any fees.

Free basic transactions: Benefit from free online banking transactions, local fund transfers, and checkbook issuance.



Orbit Reward Points: Earn points on transactions that you can redeem for exciting rewards like discounts, air miles, and merchandise. 



Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to maintain a minimum balance in my Bank Alfalah Asaan Account?

No, there's no minimum balance requirement after you open your Asaan Account! You can keep as much or as little as you need without incurring any fees. However, you do need to make a minimum initial deposit when opening the account: PKR 100 for Savings and PKR 500 for Current accounts. 



How can I open a Bank Alfalah Asaan Account?

Open it online: Simply visit the Bank Alfalah website, choose your preferred Asaan Account type (Savings or Current), fill out the online application form, and upload your CNIC copy and photographs. Your account will be activated once verified.



Visit a Bank Alfalah branch: Bring your CNIC and photograph to any branch, where staff will assist you with the account opening process. 



What are the benefits of having a Bank Alfalah Asaan Account?

Easy access and convenience: No minimum balance, online and mobile banking options, free e-statements, and SMS alerts.



Cost-effective: Free basic transactions, Orbit Reward Points on your spending, and competitive profit rates for Savings accounts.  

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