EOBI Ka Full Form Kia Hai?


EOBI Ka Full Form Kia Hai?

Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution. 

 EOBI Stands For?

Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution. 

EOBI Ka Full Form Kia Hai?
EOBI Ka Full Form Kia Hai?


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 EOBI Full Form and Pension:

EOBI stands for Employees' Old-Age Benefits Institution. It is a Pakistani government-run social security organization that provides various benefits to eligible employees, including old-age pensions.



Types of Benefits offered by EOBI:

Old-age pension: This is the primary benefit offered by EOBI. It is a monthly payment provided to eligible employees who reach the age of retirement (60 years).


Survivor's pension: This is a monthly payment provided to the family of a deceased employee who was insured under EOBI.


Invalidity pension: This is a monthly payment provided to an employee who becomes permanently disabled and is unable to work.


Old-age grant: This is a one-time lump sum payment provided to an employee who reaches the age of 65 but does not meet the eligibility criteria for a regular old-age pension.


Eligibility for EOBI Pension:

To be eligible for an EOBI pension, an employee must:


Be registered with EOBI

Have made contributions to EOBI for at least 120 months

Have reached the age of retirement (60 years)

Additional Information:

EOBI is a Pakistani government organization responsible for providing old-age benefits to eligible employees.



The EOBI website provides information on contributions, forms, and individual inquiries.

The EOBI helpline number is 021-34328037. 



Full Forms That Might Be Helpful:

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EOBI Forms: Employees' Old-Age Benefits Institution Forms

EOBI Investment: Employees' Old-Age Benefits Institution Investment

EOBI Management: Employees' Old-Age Benefits Institution Management

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