How Many Employees Required for EOBI Registration?

Employee's Old Age Benefit (EOBI) registration is legally mandatory for all private sector offices to insure their employees. As per EOBI rules, an organization must have at least 5 employees to be registered with EOBI in Pakistan.



The EOBI registration process in Pakistan is as follows:

The employer must submit a registration form (PR-01) to the nearest EOBI office. The registration form must be accompanied by the following documents: 


  1. A copy of the employer's business registration certificate:
  2. A list of all employees, along with their names, addresses, and National Identity Card (NIC) numbers:
  3. A copy of the employer's bank account details:

The EOBI office will review the registration form and documents and issue a registration certificate (PI-01) to the employer. 

How To Claim EOBI Pension?


The employer must then submit monthly contribution reports (PR-03) to the EOBI office, along with the relevant contribution amount. The EOBI office will verify the contribution reports and issue contribution receipts (PR-04) to the employer. 


The employer must then distribute the contribution amount to its employees. The EOBI registration process can also be completed online through the EOBI website. To do this, the employer must create an account and submit the required information and documents.



How Do I Register a New Employee in EOBI?

To register a new employee in EOBI, you can submit a registration form (PE-01) to the nearest EOBI office or register online through the EOBI website.

What is EOBI Pension Age?


What Are The Minimum Wages in EOBI?

The Federal Government has increased the EOBI pension from 8500 to 10,000 per month effective from 1st July 2023. As per the budget approval, the minimum wage in EOBI is 10,000 Pakistani rupees per month.  

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