EOBI Save 500K Pensioner’s Life | Increase Monthly Pension

The Employees Old Age Benefits Institute (EOBI) pensioners have been demanding an increase in their pensions for some time now. The current pension rate is Rs. 8,500/- per month. Pensioners argue that this amount is not enough to meet their basic needs, especially in the wake of rising inflation.

EOBI Save 500K Pensioner’s Life


In 2018, the government announced a 20% increase in EOBI pensions. However, pensioners say that this increase is not enough. They are demanding a minimum pension of Rs. 25,000/- per month.


The government has not yet responded to the demand for an increase in EOBI pensions. However, the issue is likely to be raised in the upcoming budget.


Here are some of the reasons why EOBI pensioners are demanding an increase in their pensions:


The cost of living has increased significantly in recent years.

Pensioners are often unable to work due to age or health problems.

Pensioners often have dependents that rely on their income.

The government should consider the demands of EOBI pensioners and increase their pensions. This would help to ensure that pensioners can live a dignified life after retirement.

EOBI Save 500K Pensioner’s Life


In addition to the above, here are some other things that the government can do to help EOBI pensioners:


Provide free medical care to EOBI pensioners.

Provide free education to the children of EOBI pensioners.

Provide housing assistance to EOBI pensioners.

By taking these steps, the government can help to improve the lives of EOBI pensioners and ensure that they have a comfortable and secure retirement. 

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